It’s worth it

Two years ago I worked in London Euston and I had to get the 0800 train every morning. Nowadays I work near Paddington, but i start at 8am so I now get a train around 7ish.

Today is an exception. I need to be in Manchester by lunchtime so I am back on the old 0800. I forgot how crammed this one gets. I remember how rude everyone is though. Two years ago I quickly realised I would never get a seat on this train. Two years later these queue jumpers and pusher inners (probably a real word…) still haven’t learnt. And they are still standing up, just like me. And as I am sensible enough to not push through I end up by the window with a pleasant breeze, and they end up overheating.

So although sometimes I wish I had an extra hours sleep, starting work at 8 rather than 9 is a great thing as I miss the main rush. I also leave at 4 so I never have to see these London 9 to 5ers. Apart from today of course.


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