I am slack. My last post was in July. Woops.

But I have got myself a new laptop and carry it everywhere with me around the house (honeymoon period) so whilst I watch the champions league – ARSENAL! (in fact I should probably whisper that,,,, arsenal….) – I realised I should write on my blog. I’ve come to terms with the fact I won’t keep my blogging constant, I apologise for that but luckily no-one reads this as no-one ever posts on it. And anyway it’s more of a diary where I can vent anger and start sentences using incorrect language.

So, I cannot be bothered to write my cool stories yet – I have been on holiday and also an epic cruise in the S3 so I have got the material, just not the energy. So for now I will just complain about my commute, technically that is what this blogs ‘focus’ is. I have been told ‘focus’ is key for a blog. I think posting is ‘more key’. Anyway:

If you have a kid misbehaving on a train do not simply briefly look away from 50 shades of grey and shout at her. I wasn’t bothered about the kid until she got told off, as then she really started to play up. Kids will be kids, let them eat mud or have fun on a train, but if you want them to calm down, don’t do a half arsed job – children cannot be treated like blogs.



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