Every weekday I drive to the station to catch a train into London Paddington. I then procede to the tubes for the final leg of my commute. Almost everyday I see some random member of the public do something stupid, annoying or generally hilarious. But usually something annoying. I created i3me (my first blog) to document what I witness and vent my frustrations – rather than getting ‘pissed off’ when someone pushes infront of me; I now smile as it gives me something to write about (although secretly it still pisses me off).

Additionally to train related rudeness, I reguarly see some plain crazy things on the road. This not only makes me wonder how I didn’t pass my test first time if these people are driving, but also make me fear for the condition of my most prised belonging – my Audi S3.

I have had the S3 since December 2011 (which could be a relative short or long ownership depending when you are reading this) and it is easily the best car I have ever had. Mind you, I have only had four:

  1. 1994 Renualt Clio 1.2 (we all have to start somewhere) – a car I absolutly loved and still do. I think everyone has a similar love for their first car, no matter how bashed up it was or may be.
  2. Mk3 Golf 1.8 Driver – for the age I was at the time this was a good car. It had enough punch to ensure I could go in the fast lane on the motorway, which was a thing of dreams in the clio.
  3. Polo Gti (6n2 for those in the know) – what a hoot, this car can be described as ‘fizzy’ – I think this blogging things going to my head, next I’ll say it ‘handles like its on rails’, which would not only be further overuse of the phrase, but also a lie as I span it going about 30mph round a wet round about – turns out I had a puncture though and luckily  nothing bad came of it – besides the cost of a new tyre of course.
  4. Audi S3 (8l variety, again, for those in the know) – the only car I love more than that banger of a clio. Cream leather heated seats, BOSE sound system, quattro (four-wheel-drive for those not in the know) and more than enough power to embarrass estate agents in BMWs. I cannot stress how much I love this car and think everyone should have one. Why buy a brand new 1.2 Vauxhall Corsa for £10k, when you could have bought a used Audi S3 for 5k – thats 5k spare for the insurance and petrol (about 1o miles worth at the current price). But seriously, I vouch for used cars over new – I am even debating creating another blog detailing my thoughts on the subject, as well as any bargain deals I happen to stumble across (I am constantly searching for fantasy used cars) – and this used Audi S3 I bought is a absolute dream, check them out if your looking for something new.

So follow my blog, read what I have to say and please let me know what things annoy you when your travelling about – be it to work, to the supermarket or just down to that tennis match you might have with someone you may know. And if you ever feel like asking me anything to do with my Audi S3 or previously owned cars, or even cars in general for that matter, I would love to have that conversation as well.


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