Content is King

I am new to blogging. But as the title suggests I am at least aware that without content your blog is nothing – obvious really. I am also aware that I have NOT being adding content and therefore by blog is technically nothing by my own ruling.

The reason for such non-content is that I have been away from my usual routine of
driving and being on the train. Due to this I have not seen any annoying or hilarious habits of ‘the public’ and have nothing to report. But I am now back to the ‘norm’ and I am off to a surprising start as ‘the public’ seem to be behaving today. I catch myself thinking that they may have improved as they have read i3me. Then I realise that I do not have any content and they are still reading king blogs instead…


Look left, look right, cross.

So I’m driving down a high street in town and a middle aged couple just walk right out in front of me. I slam the brakes, the tyres squeal, I’m unimpressed. They don’t seem bothered; they casually stroll across and don’t even apologise. My window was wound down and I was feeling sarcastic, so they received a fantastic round of applause.

Why I need i3me

For my first post I feel it would be best if I begin to explain the reasons why I have started this blog.

I don’t know about you, but I love driving – I even used my hard earned cash to buy myself an Audi S3 8L (read as pride & joy). But being under 25 there is an issue – you would wince if I told you the cost of my insurance. But I LOVE the fact that I have to pay.  Now, hear me out…

The reason I don’t mind parting with a relatively large sum of money on a monthly basis as a fee to Admiral is because of everyone else on the road. I am constantly getting cut up, tail gated or overtaken by someone whilst going round a blind bend! And quite frankly, I like the reassurance that if my pride & joy was to be involved in a fight, I wouldn’t end up out of pocket.

So, I will use this blog to vent my frustrations at all the crazy things I see whilst driving. Oh, and I have to get a train into London every weekday so I will have lots of stories regarding the annoying things I see on the trains/tubes – believe me, there are enough things to keep me posting for a long, long time – but I’ll give these items their own shiny posts over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

I hope its not just me who gets fed up with the things I see people do in their cars or on public transport. I also hope that you want to come back and read up on the antics I witness as I update this blog – and if you want to release some anger yourself please leave a comment and we can have a moan together.