Don’t think I don’t notice

Picture the scene. I’m waiting for the train to come. The platform is busy. It’s very hot. There’s a short women standing on my right.

One minute later she’s on my left. I know your trying to get the optimum position to get on this train I thought. Too hot to care. She’s revaluated and is back on my right. It’s getting busier. The train comes.

The doors stop no where near either of us. I find it amusing that after all of her effort she still mucked it up. I could have told her not to stand by me as I never stand where the doors will be – I know I won’t get a seat anyway and that areas to crowded, and it’s too hot. But I thought if she’s trying to push in why bother letting her know.

Next thing I know she’s used her short height to her advantage and is pushing through the queue, almost stealthily, but I noticed, as did everyone else. Meanwhile I hang back and stroll on after the rush is over. After her long fight she still ends up standing, and not only that, she’s standing right next to me again. I’m on her left now though.


Take your time

Dear sir, if you let the people off the train first you would have found it a lot easier to get to your seat. Just a thought…

Look left, look right, cross.

So I’m driving down a high street in town and a middle aged couple just walk right out in front of me. I slam the brakes, the tyres squeal, I’m unimpressed. They don’t seem bothered; they casually stroll across and don’t even apologise. My window was wound down and I was feeling sarcastic, so they received a fantastic round of applause.


As the title suggests, my morning has been just typical. As my second day of blogging I was secretly hoping that someone would annoy me on my commute to work so I would have something entertaining to post. But no, other drivers were considerate, people actually queued in an orderly fashion for the train AND I’ve even managed to get a seat. Get me.

Due to this unusual pleasantness I am afraid I don’t have any travel woes to report so far – but I am yet to get on the tube I suppose.

Let me know if your morning is going as well as mine, or if it isn’t..

Why I need i3me

For my first post I feel it would be best if I begin to explain the reasons why I have started this blog.

I don’t know about you, but I love driving – I even used my hard earned cash to buy myself an Audi S3 8L (read as pride & joy). But being under 25 there is an issue – you would wince if I told you the cost of my insurance. But I LOVE the fact that I have to pay.  Now, hear me out…

The reason I don’t mind parting with a relatively large sum of money on a monthly basis as a fee to Admiral is because of everyone else on the road. I am constantly getting cut up, tail gated or overtaken by someone whilst going round a blind bend! And quite frankly, I like the reassurance that if my pride & joy was to be involved in a fight, I wouldn’t end up out of pocket.

So, I will use this blog to vent my frustrations at all the crazy things I see whilst driving. Oh, and I have to get a train into London every weekday so I will have lots of stories regarding the annoying things I see on the trains/tubes – believe me, there are enough things to keep me posting for a long, long time – but I’ll give these items their own shiny posts over the coming days, weeks, months and years.

I hope its not just me who gets fed up with the things I see people do in their cars or on public transport. I also hope that you want to come back and read up on the antics I witness as I update this blog – and if you want to release some anger yourself please leave a comment and we can have a moan together.