It’s worth it

Two years ago I worked in London Euston and I had to get the 0800 train every morning. Nowadays I work near Paddington, but i start at 8am so I now get a train around 7ish.

Today is an exception. I need to be in Manchester by lunchtime so I am back on the old 0800. I forgot how crammed this one gets. I remember how rude everyone is though. Two years ago I quickly realised I would never get a seat on this train. Two years later these queue jumpers and pusher inners (probably a real word…) still haven’t learnt. And they are still standing up, just like me. And as I am sensible enough to not push through I end up by the window with a pleasant breeze, and they end up overheating.

So although sometimes I wish I had an extra hours sleep, starting work at 8 rather than 9 is a great thing as I miss the main rush. I also leave at 4 so I never have to see these London 9 to 5ers. Apart from today of course.


Don’t think I don’t notice

Picture the scene. I’m waiting for the train to come. The platform is busy. It’s very hot. There’s a short women standing on my right.

One minute later she’s on my left. I know your trying to get the optimum position to get on this train I thought. Too hot to care. She’s revaluated and is back on my right. It’s getting busier. The train comes.

The doors stop no where near either of us. I find it amusing that after all of her effort she still mucked it up. I could have told her not to stand by me as I never stand where the doors will be – I know I won’t get a seat anyway and that areas to crowded, and it’s too hot. But I thought if she’s trying to push in why bother letting her know.

Next thing I know she’s used her short height to her advantage and is pushing through the queue, almost stealthily, but I noticed, as did everyone else. Meanwhile I hang back and stroll on after the rush is over. After her long fight she still ends up standing, and not only that, she’s standing right next to me again. I’m on her left now though.


As the title suggests, my morning has been just typical. As my second day of blogging I was secretly hoping that someone would annoy me on my commute to work so I would have something entertaining to post. But no, other drivers were considerate, people actually queued in an orderly fashion for the train AND I’ve even managed to get a seat. Get me.

Due to this unusual pleasantness I am afraid I don’t have any travel woes to report so far – but I am yet to get on the tube I suppose.

Let me know if your morning is going as well as mine, or if it isn’t..