I do not care

To the guy sitting behind me on the train. Normal voices on the mobiles please. I do not care if “he was at the wedding”. Neither does anyone else.


Called it wrong

You should never be on a phone on a train. It’s annoying for everyone. It’s just about ok if you talk at a normal level, but let’s face it most don’t, they talk so everyone can hear and care about what they have to say. Today I sat next to someone who seemed convinced it’ll be a Germany Spain final, and that Germany will win – as their at home….  Shame he is totally wrong as it’s in Ukraine and Poland. This proves that being on your mobile on a train should be banned, as the people who tend to do it are embarrassing themselves.

Close ‘Call’

I usually post about people who annoy me, push in front of me or talk on their mobile too loudly whilst on the train. Today is not a moan:

I dropped my phone whilst stepping on the train this morning. As it drops all I can think is @%*# (and a few other dollar signs and upside down exclamation marks).  However, I can’t believe my luck as after it bounced on the edge of the platform it somehow bounces backwards and not onto the tracks! I’m amazed, as is everyone else. They all told me how lucky I was and how they couldn’t believe I still had my phone. They didn’t know the half of it – it didn’t even get a scratch.